Seasonal Displays in an Unused Fireplace

An unused fireplace is a focal point waiting to materialize, such as during the warmer months or due to other forms of heating. Seasonal displays in an unused fireplace are a great way to decorate for the seasons without spending a lot of money or taking up a lot of valuable space in the room. You can get very creative with decorating and there are a lot of fun things that you can do to enhance an unused fireplace.


The spring months tend to invoke images of green, growing things, flowering plants, sweet smells, and chirping birds. Use living plants, especially those that flower, to fill the unused fireplace and draw attention to a particular focal point in that area. If the flowers are brightly colored, they may become the focal point inside the fireplace.


Summer is hot, and no one wants to think about lighting a fire in the fireplace during the summer months. Instead, find something else to highlight with your seasonal display, such as a great 4th of July display. Lights can add a lot to this type of seasonal display, especially if you use colored lights that coordinate with the display itself.


This is likely the easiest season to decorate for, since there are dozens of great fall ideas for a seasonal display. Cornucopia designs work great in an unused fireplace, especially a large basket overflowing with faux fruits and vegetables. Add fresh pumpkins and gourds for a realistic touch, and then finish it with some straw around the edges.


During the cold months, your fireplace can be a beautiful addition to the room, even if you use a different source of heat. Since most of us only have the fireplace for looks, you can add a seasonal display that draws attention to the beauty of the fireplace. Christmas motifs are common, but you could add many different things to create something spectacular during this season. White or clear lights complete the winter look beautifully.

Multi-Function Seasonal Displays

Some displays work well all year round, unlike those that are only appropriate for specific holidays or seasons. For instance, you can make a really nice boating theme in a fireplace with a nautical mantel clock and a fireplace screen painted with a lighthouse motif. These are suitable for year-round use, adding value to the seasonal display and making it easy to add something simple for certain seasons.

Flora and fauna also make excellent year-round ideas, as long as you use season-appropriate foliage. You can add animals and plants for creativity and then finish the look with unique patterns and scent. This is one of the easiest seasonal displays in an unused fireplace, and it works well for those on a tight budget or with little time for designing displays as seasons change. Screens and covers can be customized according to your needs, and you can put the seasonal display inside or outside, depending on your design scheme.

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