Tips For Preparing For a Job Interview

Those in the job hunt realize how important it is to be able to edge out your competitors. This is especially true when the economy is struggling and the job market is rough. You may have the same qualifications as ten other applicants, so it is important to find ways to make yourself stand out among your competitors. There are a few things you should and should not do during an interview that might mean the difference between being passed over and securing the job of your dreams. First, avoid talking about anything in the interview that was a problem at your past job. If you had issues with a worker’s comp lawyer or worker’s comp attorney, there is no need to bring this up in the interview. In some cases, you will be legally bound not to talk about it, but regardless of the legal issues, avoid the subject with any potential employers.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the interview. The job for which you are interviewing will play a small role in how you dress, but regardless of whether you are up for a blue-collar job in a factory or a white-collar job in an office, you should do what you can to look your best. Even those who will be wearing a uniform or casual clothing during their workday should done a suit and tie during the interview. Dress to impress and you will leave a lasting impression on those who interview you.

Prepare yourself for the interview by learning a bit about the company. Read over the history of the company and be familiar with what they are currently achieving. Think of a question you can ask in the interview that shows you did some research ahead of time and that expresses curiosity in the company. Also remember one fact you learned and try to work it into the conversation in the interview. You might say something like you are impressed with the company’s ability to do a certain task or that you found their involvement in the community inspiring.

When asked if you have questions, make sure you have a few. This shows you are interested in the job. Try to stay away from information about salary during the first interview. You can inquire about your co-workers, what a typical work day will be like, if the company is active in the community or if there is opportunity for growth or further education. If something comes up during the interview that seems interesting, make a note of it so you can follow-up during the question period.

Finally, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork with you. Even if you emailed your resume and other information ahead of time, make sure you have a hard copy on you. This shows you are prepared and that you are eager to share information about yourself during the interview. You may also want to bring along your reference information or paperwork concerning any personal achievements in your past.

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